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K-9, Scout.

Who Is Scout?

High-Risk Missions K9.

Scout is a highly specialized Belgian Malinois that provides a K9 tool belt for Victor during his overseas missions. Scout operates as a lookout and fearless fighter. She’s also a comforting therapy companion for children suffering with the stress and anxiety associated with trauma. Scout’s diverse abilities have helped ATP achieve some of their most miraculous missions.

Scout has gone nose-to-nose with ISIS and has acted as a therapy dog for children traumatized by terrorists.

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Fast Facts.

Scout goes everywhere with Victor. Her specialities include search and rescue, defensive takedowns and comforting children.

She is a highly-trained Belgian Malinois.

She has been on 20+ missions in Iraq.

She was donated to ATP by Baden K9.


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Scout in Action.

Did You Know?

Scout Has A Sister, Regan.

Regan is also from Baden K9 and has gone through a similar set of training as her sister, Scout. Eileen is her handler, and to date, she has mission experience in Iraq and Syria.